Our Programs

Our team of trained facilitators offer a range of supportive group programmes for children and young people in schools and the community.

Seasons for Growth

Seasons for Growth is an evidence-based group education program that support children and young people who have experienced change and loss such as family separation; loss or death of someone they care about; relocation and forced migration; living away from family; loss of a pet or impacts of terrorism, war or pandemics.
Seasons for Growth was launched in 1996 by Professor Anne Graham AO with the support of the Sisters of St Joseph in Australia. The program has reached over 200,000 children, young people and adults. The program is not only being run in New Zealand and Australia but also in Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland. Learning outcomes when attending Seasons for Growth Programme:
• Develop skills for coping, making positive choices, goal – setting and decision making
• Understand that their feelings and other behavioural reactions are normal
• Assists children and young people to acknowledge their feelings and recognise that they are ‘not the only one’
• Build a peer support network and felt sense of belonging and connection
• Help restore self-confidence, self-respect, resilience and emotional competence.

Diversity - Ahuru Tangata

The Ahuru Tangata (SAFE) programme in schools is a transformative initiative designed to empower and guide young people on their journey towards personal and professional success by becoming their most authentic selves. We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive community where every young person has the opportunity to thrive.
The Ahuru Tangata programme is currently running in Tamaki College and Otahuhu College. The programme offers participants tailored mentorship, skill development, cultural exchange where they are connected to resources in the community.

Storm birds

Storm birds is generally offered to children and young people from 3 to 12 months following the natural disaster. It provides a chance for the participants to learn skills and attitudes to help understand and respond well to such experiences.
Storm birds programme was developed in 2009 from the foundations of Seasons for Growth program to support children and young people to adapt to experiences of change and loss following natural disasters. The program has been named after a bird of the same name also known as the eastern koel which is known to have a distinctive call and arrives in a region close to the beginning of the storm season.
Storm birds has supported over 10,000 children and young people in Australia and New Zealand following bushfires, floods, droughts, cyclones, storms, monsoons, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes and tsunamis.


Taku Pukapuka

This tamariki journal was created by ME Family Services in collaboration with Piri Pāua for use with junior school children. Available in Te Reo Māori, with Gagana Samoa soon to be released. Orders for Journals can be made through ME Family Services or Piri Pāua

Ngā Hau o Māngere Ngahere Planting Guide

This guide is one part of the wider Māngere Ngahere Project, which aims to grow and restore the ngahere. The purpose of this guide is to set down values and guiding principles, as expressed by mana whenua, in the delivery of community aspirations for ngahere across Ngā Hau o Māngere. The guide responds to requests for assistance with restoration guidance. This guide aims to assist the reader to step through a process of decision making for selecting the right tree for the right place to improve the rate of success. The Māngere Ngahere Team is a collaboration between: Kāinga Ora, Mana whenua - Te Ahiwaru and Te Aakitai Waiohua, ME Family Services (local community organisation) and Uru Whakaaro

Regenerative Māngere/Otāhuhu Contacts